[Therion] file-not-found when processing bitmap sketches

Stacho Mudrak lists at group-s.sk
Thu Jan 3 11:10:55 CET 2013

On my Windows XP machine, your dataset works fine, even with 5.3.11.

We have updated image magick executables in installation, so this may cause
the problem. I may try on Windows 7 machine at home, whether this is not
the problem.

You may try one more thing, running therion in debug mode.

Just add -d option to command line options text box in xtherion compiler,
as shown on the attached image. This should help prevent path related
problems. Or you may replace convert.exe and identify.exe at C:\Program
Files\Therion\bin from version 5.3.10 into installed version 5.3.11.

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