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Thanks Bruce for the code, I should have found that myself in the wiki,  
sorry. It's exactly what I needed.
JP McLendon
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bruce at tomo.co.nz writes:

>I'm assuming that  therion uses the vertical difference between the 
highest station and the  lowest station to generate the depth number without 
regard to LRUD data,  is this correct?  
>And does anybody  have a suggestion for how I can easily get the correct 
depth output onto  my map?  
You can add some  tex code to  a layout.   See 

  code tex-map
      \cavedepth{300\thinspace{}ft}  %forcing reported depth to 300 ft

>I can see how this  could be a significant issue if you had a cave with 
little vertical extent  except for a high dome. You would have to shoot a shot 
to a station at the top  of the dome to capture it's vertical extent in the 
legend  data. 
That would avoid the  need to manually edit the depth each time you 
suspected a new survey might  change the depth of the cave.  It would be my 
preferred method, even if  it means creating an artificial shot to replicate the ‘up
’ data.  It  would need ‘flags duplicate’ to prevent it being added to the 
reported survey  network length. 

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