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Boldt, Markus markus.boldt at ratiopharm.de
Wed Mar 11 18:57:26 CET 2009

Thanks! And Thanks once more for that very fast answer. 
Now it works. Clear - think Therion :-) - levels and so on

Apropo level? 

I have a survey on a level of about 500m given in one scrap. Another scrap (in the same File) contains a short passage with about 550m. The two scraps are connected at one station point. But Therion writes a map so that the higher "level" is below the lower. What is wrong? 

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On 11.3.2009, at 18:03, Boldt, Markus wrote:

> Hello,
> in one case the "join" command doesn`t works on my computer.
> Version Therion 5.2.7
> I have two scraps in one *.th2-file. There are only two lines (type
> wall) in that second scrap.
> So I have, like described in TB, given IDs to that two lines and to 
> two other lines in the first scrap.
> Then I have written this command line in my *.th-file after 
> "endcenterline"-command.
> join VH10_L1 at VH10:0 VH10_L3 at VH10:0
> It gives a "survey does not exist -- VH10" error. If I comment out the 
> line it works without a problem.
> The map is written but the lines resp. the points of the lines are not 
> connected. And that was it, what I wanted to do.
> Where is the fault, which I make?
> survey does not exist -- VH10
It means therion doesn't know the scrap VH10 in the level you use the join

Have you input your .th2_file in survey where is the join?

But in that case the craps will be in the same level as join, so you should use:

  "join VH10_L1:0 VH10_L3:0" instead.

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