[Therion] Austrian Symbol-Set

Georg Pacher gpacher at sbox.tugraz.at
Wed Nov 26 23:26:37 CET 2008

Stacho Mudrak schrieb:
> Well, currently we have 3 symbols in therion: floor-step (for steps
> where no equipement is needed), pit (= step where equipement is
> needed) and overhang.
> As far as I understand Austrian symbol set - your
> floorstep:filled/unfilled should be applied to pit symbol, not
> floorstep symbol. 
I guess you're right, it should be applied to the pit symbol.
My first thought was, that a pit symbol should always be a closed line. 
But as the symbol is the same, a single name makes it simpler.

> But are you really in reality using different
> symbols for pits over and under 10 m, especially when there is allways
> number right beside the symbol? How is it in other countries - do
> other people have experience with using different symbols for
> different pit depths?

I'm checking this with people who were involved in the creation of the 
standard and use it more frequently than I do...

> For me the correct solution for this problem would be to add parameter
> to the pit/floor-step/overhang symbol with assigned depth, that would
> be automatically shown on the map and available in metapost if you
> would like to fill/unfill rectangles.

For the symbol I agree, yet I think the depth label should be placed 
manually for a nice position.

> Another small issue is chimney/ceiling-step. You have there in your
> symbol set "+" sign in the middle. If there will be separate height
> symbol (e.g. +5 m) in the middle of the chimney, there will be two
> times "+", which will not look very well. Here I would also suggest
> adding chimney height as an argument to the chimney line and "+"
> symbol will be shown, only if it will be assigned using this argument.

Yes, I wasn't happy with the '+' in the middle of the chimney anyway...

> Your changes in a zip file are OK. I will diff and patch our sources.
ok, I'm not sure wheter I'll get the way arguments are passed to 
metapost, but we'll see...

Thanks for the good suggestions

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