[Therion] Austrian Symbol-Set

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Wed Nov 26 10:58:02 CET 2008

> I am about to adapt the symbol-set in therion to meet the Austrian standard
> (see http://www.hoehle.org/downloads/signaturen.gif).

Thanks for your contribution.

> -Drawing the symbol for entrance pits which uses a double line. Currently I
> generate points at a fixed distance perpendicular to the given line and
> connect them to form the inner line. This results in very bad behaviour at
> edges, and needs a lot of memory due to the large number of generated
> points. Any ideas how to solve that?

Currently, there is no solution for this in metapost. The problem is,
that there is no analytical solution for creating parralel bezier
curve. One solution could be as Martin suggested, but we you approach
you are using in some symbols where this is needed (e.g. floor

> -Naming of floorstep subtypes: As in the old UIS standard(?) there are
> floorstep subtypes when equipment is needed (<10m, >10m). Any ideas for a
> good (short) name for those?

Well, currently we have 3 symbols in therion: floor-step (for steps
where no equipement is needed), pit (= step where equipement is
needed) and overhang.

As far as I understand Austrian symbol set - your
floorstep:filled/unfilled should be applied to pit symbol, not
floorstep symbol. But are you really in reality using different
symbols for pits over and under 10 m, especially when there is allways
number right beside the symbol? How is it in other countries - do
other people have experience with using different symbols for
different pit depths?

For me the correct solution for this problem would be to add parameter
to the pit/floor-step/overhang symbol with assigned depth, that would
be automatically shown on the map and available in metapost if you
would like to fill/unfill rectangles.

Another small issue is chimney/ceiling-step. You have there in your
symbol set "+" sign in the middle. If there will be separate height
symbol (e.g. +5 m) in the middle of the chimney, there will be two
times "+", which will not look very well. Here I would also suggest
adding chimney height as an argument to the chimney line and "+"
symbol will be shown, only if it will be assigned using this argument.

> And the main question is:
> - How shall I prepare the changes I did, such that they can be easily
> included in one of the next releases?

Your changes in a zip file are OK. I will diff and patch our sources.

Thanks for your contribution, S.

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