[Therion] CS output specification

Xavier Pennec Xavier.Pennec at sophia.inria.fr
Sun Nov 16 18:17:55 CET 2008


Good thing you've noticed the problem with CS specification. Actually, 
it was working for me, but not always as I specified...
After many tests, it seems that specifying a CS inside the Layout does 
nothing. Apparently, the output CS should be specified outside and that 
the last CS specified is the one used for all the outputs.

In the test example joined, EPSG:27582 (French Lambert II) is the last 
CS specified. Therion says:
-> output coordinate system: EPSG:27582
and output coordinates as well as the output map are in this coordinate 
system (I translated with another tool to obtain the coordinates of 
Cave1 X=543263.98772068, Y=1907965.20640927).


Bruce Mutton a écrit :
> Xavier
> I have not addressed your question (as I don't know the answer).
> Your data files compile on my machine as you describe in your message (an
> error as submitted, but success if the cave names are changed).
> I noticed that you have a co-ordinate conversion from one cs to another.
> Interested to know if the conversion is performed correctly for you?
> I tried to do this some weeks ago with my data (different co-ordinate
> systems), and although no errors were raised, the co-ordinates were not
> transformed at all, the maps and grids printed with the input co-ordinate
> system, and not the requested output co-ord system.
> In studying the outputs I get with your data I find the same thing is
> happening.  Am I (we?) misunderstanding how to do the co-ordinate
> conversions, or is something not working?
> Bruce
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> I have a problem with object types in therion: it seems that it is not 
> possible to have a survey and a station which have the same name (see 
> example included which perfectly compiles if one changes the cave1 and 
> cave 2 to Cave1 and Cave2 for either the station names or the survey 
> names). Is that a normal behavior? It seems to me that a correct typing 
> should allow having the same names for surveys, stations and maps.
> Xavier
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