[Therion] Problem with object types & cs conversions

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Thu Nov 13 07:30:31 CET 2008


I have not addressed your question (as I don't know the answer).
Your data files compile on my machine as you describe in your message (an
error as submitted, but success if the cave names are changed).

I noticed that you have a co-ordinate conversion from one cs to another.

Interested to know if the conversion is performed correctly for you?

I tried to do this some weeks ago with my data (different co-ordinate
systems), and although no errors were raised, the co-ordinates were not
transformed at all, the maps and grids printed with the input co-ordinate
system, and not the requested output co-ord system.

In studying the outputs I get with your data I find the same thing is
happening.  Am I (we?) misunderstanding how to do the co-ordinate
conversions, or is something not working?


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I have a problem with object types in therion: it seems that it is not 
possible to have a survey and a station which have the same name (see 
example included which perfectly compiles if one changes the cave1 and 
cave 2 to Cave1 and Cave2 for either the station names or the survey 
names). Is that a normal behavior? It seems to me that a correct typing 
should allow having the same names for surveys, stations and maps.


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