[Therion] Editing svg therion results

Xavier Pennec Xavier.Pennec at sophia.inria.fr
Mon Dec 17 14:29:27 CET 2007

Martin Budaj wrote:
> On Dec 15, 2007 11:34 AM, Xavier Pennec <Xavier.Pennec at sophia.inria.fr> wrote:
>> I thought that it would be easy with any svg editor, but apparently this
>> is not the case at all. I can open and visualize the svg files produced
>> by therion using inkscape, but I cannot degroup the drawing in order to
>> edit some of the parts and, more importantly, importing the plan and the
>> elevation in  a single document lead to an incorrect result (see
>> NaduelRD5_fuse.svg). It seems that there is a namespace problem: as both
>> drawing refer to elements that have the same name, so that the
>> definition of one of the drawing overwrite the definitions of the other.
> You are right. We will fix it by introducing some kind of user-defined
> prefix for named SVG elements.
Yes, the file-name in which the svg is written should be a good prefix 
to disambiguate.
>> Does anybody have an idea of how to overcome that? Is there any other
>> svg editor that behaves better (and which is not too expensive!)?
> I tried Karbon14 from koffice and it could merge both files (by
> opening them separately and then copying and pasting one of the files
> to another). It can also ungroup the graphics. (But didn't display the
> texts.)
So far, I could not  try that one but I tried glipsgrafiti, sketsa and a 
few others without beeing able to overcome the namespace pb.
>> By the way, it would be interesting to have a north arrow symbol that we
>> can place wherever we want in a plan and not only a north arrow
>> generated in the legend. That way, we could avoid using legends when
>> needed (e.g. to fuse maps outside therion).
> You can do it already. See the chapter Map layout in map mode in the thbook.
OK, I understand the philosophy: as north and scalebar are graphical 
elements belonging to the final maps, they should not belong to the 
scraps but should be put in place at the last moment.  However, none of 
the legend elements (including text but also the scalebar and the 
northarrow, and probably the grid) are exported in the svg file. I 
included the pdf and the correspond svg to show that. Exporting them to 
svg would be the behavior that I would expect, unless there is a special 
difficulty there.


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