[Therion] Mine sybols?

Christian Rößler (Roessler) chr_rossi at kartan.de
Fri Dec 7 15:48:17 CET 2007

Am Freitag, 7. Dezember 2007 schrieb Cooper, Ben:

Hallo Ben,

> We need somebody with mining experience to get some of the technical
> English phrases correct, but here are are few suggestions for improved
> English.


> I'm not precious about any of these, so other English speakers: 
> feel free to contradict!

> > 1. Shaft / Schacht (up and down).
> Yes

Good. Symbol is just a diagonally divided rectangle with one triangle 
blackened; should be easy.

> > 2. Sinking (?) / Gesenk
> 2. Sink

No, a 'Gesenk' is just a kind of 'blind shaft' to search for ore beneath the 
galley sole. Differentation to blind shaft would be that a 'Gesenk' has no 
connection to a galley below. Usually water filled, but with no water flow.

Symbol should be alike to 'shaft' but a bit differentiated.

> > 3. Weather (ventile) door / Wettertür
> 3. I've not heard of Weather Door!  Do you mean a door to seal the mine and
> stop a draught, or a door specifically to allow a draught?  "Ventile"
> suggests the latter.  The more straightforward English noun is just "vent"
> or "Vented Door".

Well, a door to regulate air flow: Flow when opened, no flow when closed. 
Sorry for translating 'by the word': In the mining sense 'Wetter' means air 
and air flow in a mine.

> > 4. Doorway (for supporting) / Türstock (standing and ruined)

Two side posts and a supporting beam above both for supporting the ceiling.

> > 5. Where ore was mined / Abbau (up and down)
> Stope?  I think a stope is a specific type of space (step-like), so may not
> be generic enough?

I also think so.

> > 6. Hole for rolling ore downwards / Rolloch
> ?

Well, a narrow shaft from a place where ore was mined to the galley beneath, 
in which the ore was thrown so it could be easier collected and loaded below. 
Symbol should be perhaps alike to shaft, but a bit differentiated.

> > 7. Wagon rolling planks / Hundbretter
> I guess this are placed sideways rather than lengthwise?  If lengthwide,
> then I suppose they are a form of "rail" or "track"?

Yes. The wagon 'Hund' was steered with a nail which griped into the space 
between the planks. Look eg here: 
(That's 'our' mine, and me, by the way:).) You see?

> > 8. Hand driven wind / Haspel
> 8. Windlass


> > 9. Chamber for hand driven wind / Haspelkammer
> 9. Winding Room (but this suggests to my ear a man-made room, with powered
> machinery.  Question for English speaking miners: would there be "winding
> room" underground?) or "Windlass Chamber" is descriptive but perhaps not
> very meaningful...?

perhaps just 'windlass chamber' would be the best fit, I think.

> > 10. Water flowing gutter / Gerinne
> 10.  just "Gutter"?, or perhaps do you mean "Leat" which is a mining term
> for a man-made water course (Gerinne = coagulate, suggests bringing waters
> together...so I wonder whether there is a specific mining phrase in English
> for this...?)

Yes, then 'leat' would be the word! 'Gerinne' comes flor 'rinnen' = flowing 

> > 11. Lamp niche / Lampennische
> Sounds OK to me...?


> > 12. Upraise / Aufhauen
> ?

The opposite to 'Gesenk', but up, not down. A kind of blind shaft to search 
for ore above the galley ceiling, but not connected to the galley above.

> > 13. Galley end (constr. end) / Ortsbrust
> ?

Well, where the old miners ceased to drive the galley forward. If wanted I 
will send an example picture.

> > 14. Hewn material / Versatz
> 14.  Spoil?  I think spoil usually refers to waste material that is mined
> out.

Not quite. 'Versatz' means usually hewn-out rock (oreless) filled into an old 
galley to prevent cave-in (hehehe, _cave_-in), or into a shaft, or just lying 

> > 15. Versturz
> 15. Collapse?

Yes! Taken!

> > 16. Special tool traces / Werkzeugspuren
> 16. Tool marks

Much better!

Thanks for your suggestions, Ben. Now I will have a look which symbols are 
used elsewhere, so we stay consistent in Therion. Then I will try to 
designing the missing ones, and put them to discussion. By the way, as I have 
seen others are attaching files, I think it would be ok if I attach the 
(small) graphics.

I do also have some more symbol proposals, but perhaps some of these are abit 
exotic so I will wait with these until the ones above are cleared.

Best regards,

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