[Therion] Mine sybols?

Christian Rößler (Roessler) chr_rossi at kartan.de
Thu Dec 6 22:53:45 CET 2007

Hallo everyone,

hearing discussiong about symbols I thought again about mine specific symbols. 
While I have to admit I have perhaps not searched thoroughly, I have not 
found any included in therion.

Well, I would be willing to design some. But it surely would be better to 
determine which symbols/areas would be needed first. Many of these are 
already in convention elsewhere, so work should be relatively 

To begin I have the following suggestions. Unforunately my english is not good 
enough, so to avoid possible confusion I add the german words. I would be 
glad if a german speaker could name the translations.

1. Shaft / Schacht (up and down)
2. Sinking (?) / Gesenk
3. Weather (ventile) door / Wettertür
4. Doorway (for supporting) / Türstock (standing and ruined)
5. Where ore was mined / Abbau (up and down)
6. Hole for rolling ore downwards / Rolloch
7. Wagon rolling planks / Hundbretter
8. Hand driven wind / Haspel
9. Chamber for hand driven wind / Haspelkammer
10. Water flowing gutter / Gerinne
11. Lamp niche / Lampennische
12. Upraise / Aufhauen
13. Galley end (constr. end) / Ortsbrust
14. Hewn material / Versatz
15. Versturz
16. Special tool traces / Werkzeugspuren
(Please add to the list)

If I provide drawn symbols, would anyone help me converting these to metapost? 
It would also be nice if fellow miners would suggest symbols, too.

Best greetings, and to my fellow miners a hearty Barbara's day!

Wenn Schnaps die Kehle runterlauft,	(If liquor runs down the throat,)
der Schacht im Wasser bald ersauft!	(the shaft in water soon will drown!)

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