[Therion] input not working in thconfig

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Sun May 7 07:40:34 CEST 2006

> After see this I thought I would try to rashionlise the thconfig files I 
> have, so others can follow my logic, but trying to include a file using 
> the input command in a thconfig file gives this error.
> C:\Program Files\Therion\therion.exe: error -- thconfig [63] -- thconfig 
> [63] -- unknown option -- input common_layout.th
> The Therion book just says it should work, what have I done wrong?

I am sorry, but input command works only outside layout. In your 
thconfig, it is between "layout" - "endlayout" pair.

If you would like to define some default layout, you should do it like this.

1. Define "layout benarat" in common_layout.th file, as you already did.

2. In thconfig file, use:

source Eagleramp_only.th
input common_layout.th
export map -layout benarat

or you can define also specific layout, based on layout benarat:

source Eagleramp_only.th
input common_layout.th
layout spec
   copy benarat
   scale 1 500
export map -layout spec

or the same can be done just inside export command:

source Eagleramp_only.th
input common_layout.th
export map -layout benarat -layout-scale 1 500

Hope this helps,

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