[Therion] Individual lines in Areas

Andrew Atkinson andrew at wotcc.org.uk
Tue May 9 08:59:31 CEST 2006


I am trying to add areas to the survey I am working on. Most work fine 
but occasionally nothing happens.
Trying to debug this is difficult. At the moment scrolling through the 
areas highlights the last line (I think) of the area, but it is 
difficult to see them all.
Ideally, from my point of view, I would like to see all the lines 
highlighted as I scroll through the areas. If this is difficult, would 
it be possible for the lines to be highlighted when you click on them in 
the Area box on the right, similar to the way that the points in a line 
are highlighted as you click on them in the lines box.



PS Sand does not show up until you zoom in well over 100% can it be made 
visible at 100%

Therion 0.3.10 on windows 2000 viewed in adobe reader 7.0.0

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