[Therion] scrap in multiple parts

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Jun 22 12:30:34 CEST 2006

> I've got the following problem : I've made a survey (in a ptolemaic
> cistern, in Alexandria) and my plan is, on the sketch, in multiple parts
> : each time I've change the direction, I've made a new part, without any
> link (problem of angle between both parts, that I can't report
> precisely). How can I do ?

I am not sure, I understand your problem correctly - may be a little image would
help. But I will try.

Original idea was - each part = one scrap. But in your case (and lot of other
cases), it is a lot of work, especially adjusting those scraps to join each
other correctly. And also our transformation generates extremly skewed maps in
these cases.

> I've tried to put every parts on the same scan and to precise for each
> the 2 survey points, but the result isn't very good... Do I have to join
> all parts (with the right angles...) before drawing it with the map
> editor ? Is there another way to do this ?

Last month, we are "intensively" working on this topic. We would like to add
idea of registered sketches (Winkarst and Carto) to therion. It means, you will
specify station coordinates on bitmaps and then these bitmaps will be morphed to
match centerline data. Afterwards they will be shown on the map or in the
map-editor to enable fast digitalization of these sketches. Would something
like this solve your problem?


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