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thierrygonon thierrygonon at mac.com
Thu Jun 22 12:48:51 CEST 2006

Stacho Mudrak a écrit :
>> I've got the following problem : I've made a survey (in a ptolemaic
>> cistern, in Alexandria) and my plan is, on the sketch, in multiple parts
>> : each time I've change the direction, I've made a new part, without any
>> link (problem of angle between both parts, that I can't report
>> precisely). How can I do ?
> I am not sure, I understand your problem correctly - may be a little image would
> help. But I will try.
> Original idea was - each part = one scrap. But in your case (and lot of other
> cases), it is a lot of work, especially adjusting those scraps to join each
> other correctly. And also our transformation generates extremly skewed maps in
> these cases.
OK !
>> I've tried to put every parts on the same scan and to precise for each
>> the 2 survey points, but the result isn't very good... Do I have to join
>> all parts (with the right angles...) before drawing it with the map
>> editor ? Is there another way to do this ?
> Last month, we are "intensively" working on this topic. We would like to add
> idea of registered sketches (Winkarst and Carto) to therion. It means, you will
> specify station coordinates on bitmaps and then these bitmaps will be morphed to
> match centerline data. Afterwards they will be shown on the map or in the
> map-editor to enable fast digitalization of these sketches. Would something
> like this solve your problem?
> S.
I think that's exactly what will solve my problem and allow me to make 
perfect plans !! In fact, that's what I was doing with Illustrator after 
having made my "skeleton" in Toporobot before... But it will be much 
more precise this way !!
I hope this function can be added easily (I'm not sure !!)

Thank you very much.

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