[Therion] scrap in multiple parts

thierrygonon thierrygonon at mac.com
Thu Jun 22 12:23:22 CEST 2006

Hello everybody...

I've got the following problem : I've made a survey (in a ptolemaic 
cistern, in Alexandria) and my plan is, on the sketch, in multiple parts 
: each time I've change the direction, I've made a new part, without any 
link (problem of angle between both parts, that I can't report 
precisely). How can I do ?
I've tried to put every parts on the same scan and to precise for each 
the 2 survey points, but the result isn't very good... Do I have to join 
all parts (with the right angles...) before drawing it with the map 
editor ? Is there another way to do this ?

Thank you very much


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