[therion] CMYK colour

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Wed Mar 23 09:34:42 CET 2005

At 09:19 +0100 23.3.2005, Martin Budaj wrote:

> Yes, it's possible in one of the next releases. Until now we produced
> mostly uncoloured maps (occasionaly with a blue water etc.), for which RGB
> is enough.
> Even more control would bring the support for spot colours, but currently
> I have no idea how much time would it take to implement it.


there are many much more important and much more simple things to do.

Find on net the last ICC profile definition to see the complexity of this "simple" problem.

All source of color data are RGB. The human visual system is "RGB" too. And it is the reason all SOHO inkjet or laser printers use as input RGB too.

The only CMYK to RGB conversiont is very, very complex task - you must convert not CMYK values to RGB values, but convert COLORs defined by CMYK to COLORrs defined by RGB (only to show colors on RGB monitor).

And if you will simplify this problem saying "therion uses for RGB colors sRGB color space" - what about the CMYK? Which one - SWOP, Euroscale, Japan, coated, uncoated, web, my inkjet, somebody!s laser, .......... ?

If anybody is working in prepress and is able to prepare color data to press he/she is able to simply replace colors in PDF file from RGB to CMYK or spot.

My 0.02 EUR


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