SVG export -- labels

Martin Budaj m.b at
Wed Mar 30 20:33:32 CEST 2005

Just working on SVG export. There are more ways how to handle labels --
but no perfect one.

1) Use SVG fonts (embedded). These would be supplied with Therion
(converted from TeX fonts used in PDF output).

pros: the SVG map will be nearly identical to PDF
cons: large file (fonts are embedded)
      SVG fonts are unhinted
      hard to edit in drawing programs
      hard to add new font

2) Use system fonts

pros: small file (fonts are not embedded)
      full unicode support (if unicode fonts are installed)
cons: platform dependent
      problems with precise alignment of labels
      metapost can't calculate frames (e.g. for passage height) nor
        clipping paths

3) Use system fonts but supply font metrics for metapost

pros: nice output with clipping paths, alignment etc.
cons: unportable
      hard to generate metrics for the regular user

4) Use bitmaps as labels

cons: unscalable
      would require additional convertor

I'd like to get your comments, hints or suggestions, which one to prefer.
I'd say the 1st one.


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