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Stacho Mudrak s.m at
Mon Feb 28 14:06:59 CET 2005

Great work! When finished, it will certainly help a lot of people.

OK, my remarks:

> You can add other specification lines to your centerline data. In fact,
> you should specify (at least) date, declination, team members and data

Declination can be entered also for entire survey (all centerlines in it) - and it can depend on date. At least, we use it this way more often.

> source
> layout xvi-export
>   scale 1 1000
>   grid top
>   grid-size 1 1 1 m
> endlayout

"grid top" line is not necessary. Currently this is ignored and grid is created all the time on the bottom.

> "Background image" panel control is the "Drawing area" panel control.
> You can press the "Auto adjust" button so canvas dimensions adapt to
> .xvi image automatically. Click on rectangle next to "Zoom 100%" to

"Auto adjust" should be now called automatically - when new background image is inserted.

> Passage-height points are important because 3D model are build according
> to them. Insert a point where passage-height is known. Then select
> "passage-height" from point's type menu. In the options textbox,
> write:
> value <number> <number>
> Where  first <number> is distance to ceiling and second one is dastance to floor.

This is a BUG in therion-book - I am sorry. First number should mean height above water level and the second depth of water. I have seen this symbol only in this context of water level - never in the context of ceiling/floor specification.

To add specification of UP/DOWN dimensions in the 2D map for 3D model, we have point type dimensions in the TODO list.

Regards, S.

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