Segfault when including survey data in plan

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Thu Feb 17 16:58:11 CET 2005

+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-02-17 13:31 +0100]:

>>> >whay this would happen. Not sure if we should do anything about that or
>>> >not?
>> We solved this problem very easily. To each map we add suffix,
>> indicating that this is a map _m or .m . If there are more projections,
>> you can add also projection type to the suffix (e.g. .mp, .me or .mx).
>> The same we do with scraps. This way there are no conflicts and you see
>> directly what is what.

Yes that is sensible. The question is whether we should enforce this
behaviour on people with warnings or error messages?

>>> >OK - I think this is the thing I was not doing. Because therions magic
>>> >'automatic selection' mostly does what I want I do not have any selects in
>>> >the dataset anymore. If I select the centrelineplan map, does that disable
>>> >automatic selection of other maps so now I have to select all the maps I
>>> >want to appear?
>> Yes - usually it's only one top-level map.
>> But I can probably advance magic of therion automatic selection - that
>> this will not be necessary.

Maybe. I've actually been finding the magic selection confusing over the
last few days as I seem to get 'everything' even when I comment stuff out of
map lists. I haven't exactly got to the bottom of it so I haven't sent mail
about it (yet).

The problem with 'automagic' software is that it can be very hard
to work out what is going on when it is not doing what you want. Of course
my dataset with many caves and multiple maps is more complicated than most
so this probably isn't a problem (we should design to make the simple case
easy - the complicated case is going to be complicated whatever we do).

Let me do some more work on producing multiple maps from one dataset and
then we can discuss the whole issue some more. I expect there will be a
number of problems - like wanting to have labels and cross sections in
different places on different maps - I don';t think we have that option at
the moment.

>>>> >>code mpost
>>>> >>let l_survey_cave = l_survey_surface_SKBB;
>>>> >>endcode
>>> >
>>> >I take it from your second message that this did not in fact work?
>> Yes and no. It will help, if you will use centerline data defined
>> properly in therion. It will not, if you will import them - because of
>> bug deep in therion data structure.

Right. understood.

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