Segfault when including survey data in plan

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Thu Feb 17 12:58:26 CET 2005

+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-02-17 09:40 +0100]:

>> When therion has no scraps to export, it exports all centerline data. If
>> it has some, it exports only 2D data and not centerline. If you wish to
>> have also centerline data on the map, you need to do two things:
>> 1. create some toplevel map, where you mix maps and surveys together,
>> you would like to have on the output.

Yes- I have donethis - the centrelineplan map is all the centreline data. It
is mixed with the terikanplan survey. I noticed that I could have a survey
called 'terikan' and a map called 'terikan' and this mostly worked anyway,
but I did get an error saying 'no projection for survey' (from memory)
because it thought I meant the centreline data, not the map once. I can see
whay this would happen. Not sure if we should do anything about that or not?
Now that survey names can be referred to in maps (instead of scrap names)
then maybe we need to enforce that the namespace does not overlap? This
could be annoying becuase you may often call a map the same as the cave
name, which is also a survey name?

>> 2. select and export this map

OK - I think this is the thing I was not doing. Because therions magic
'automatic selection' mostly does what I want I do not have any selects in
the dataset anymore. If I select the centrelineplan map, does that disable
automatic selection of other maps so now I have to select all the maps I
want to appear?

>> If you wish to view whole centerline for underground, just redefine
>> symbol in layout:
>> code mpost
>> let l_survey_cave = l_survey_surface_SKBB;
>> endcode

I take it from your second message that this did not in fact work?

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