Segfault when including survey data in plan

Wookey wookey at
Thu Feb 17 05:30:36 CET 2005

+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-01-11 10:08 +0100]:

>> Wookey wrote:
>>> >This looks like a bug. And is there some subtlty about adding surveys
>>> >(centrelines) to maps?
>> Yes, it is a bug. I have downloaded your data, made your changes and it
>> really fails - no idea why, but I will fix it.
>> If you would like to have map with centerline also, create a separate
>> map with centerline only - it should work with it (at least on my
>> machine it worked - see attached picture).

OK. Done that and if I get rid of all the scraps then I get an image which
has complete lines for the surface surveys but station-marks for the
underground stations. Is that expected?


However when I put the scraps back in then I only see station inside
scraps,not any stations or lines on centrelines which don't have
correspondging scraps. Any idea why? I'd really like to get this owrking as
it's the easiest way to see which bits I haven't done yet.

I have noticed a problem with the need for a 'dummy' survey outside a .3d
file import - it stops you using the suggested and index.th2 files
for centreline and scrap info (because you need a 'survey dummy' in both
files around everything and it complains about 'duplicate survey').

This will go away when we get rid of the need for the dummy survey (maybe
you already did that - I can't find the mail right now (I'm using the
20050209 snapshot)).

I've also realsied that I can't do what I wanted to do - import more than
one .3d file. I wanted to import one per cave, but of course thinking about
it, this isn't going to work because the co-ordinates will overlap. I need
to generate one .3d file covering al the caves. (no problem except for the
need to strip extra hierarchy layers. I wonder if this is going to cuase
problems when I want to be able to produce both one large overview survey
and various small single-cave surveys. I need to think about this...

Still it would be good if it gave a useful error - it took me some time to
work out what the problem was as it just gave a tex overflow error - which I
can't reproduce right now due to getting a different error:

It says:
therion: error -- file import -- [15] -- invalid survey name --

I think it is faiing to cope with the oddly-name "de0/" survey. It has this
peculiar name because the data is imported from compass and it was expedient
to use this name. Survex eats it happily and so does aven so therion should.

As ever current dataset here:

you need to change at top level to use terikan/terikan.3d and
deception/deception.3d to illustrate the above points (I changed it to a
single overall dataset to check it worked - it does - very cool - except
that I can't get centrelines to appear - indeed it doesn't seem to
mattermuch what I put in the various 'map' options I seem to get 'all scraps
mentioned in any map but no centrelines' whatever I do?).
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