[therion] Re: Wook's persistent Therion bug

Martin Budaj m.b at speleo.sk
Tue Jun 29 07:45:53 CEST 2004

>> So, it was a silly error, but given that this has taken some 6 weeks to
>> solve with some fairly computer-savvy users, it suggests that the error
>> messages could be rather more helpful.

In fact your original message with the bug report from May 25 contained
the survey command :)) The message from June 20 didn't -- this explains
why it took 6 weeks to discover it...


I get:
"Invalid command context" at line 6 in this file:

1 encoding  utf-8
2 survey soundriver
4  map elevator -title "Terikan: Elevator Entrance"
5    farside at river
6    farside2 at river
7  endmap
 ....<lots more data>....

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