[therion] Report on Therion Visit in Prague

Michael Lake mikel at speleonics.com.au
Mon Jul 12 03:49:05 CEST 2004

Eric Madelaine wrote:

> - Production of plans at very large scale (e.g. for inclusion in a
>     topographic map). We need: (1) filling of the passage with
>     colors, (2) specify a large scale bar and (3) a large north
>     direction arrow.
>     => (1) and (2) are feasible, e.g.:
>         symbol-hide group all
>         color map-fg [100 0 0]
>         scale-bar 100 m

I have written a scalebar package for LaTeX, perhaps the code will come
in useful for those writing one for Therion. Its at http://www.ctan.org
and search for 'scalebar'. or read about it directly here:

There is an example file there also called scalebar_examples.pdf
Rather than downloadingfrom CTAN you can access the PDF of examples
directly and have a look at it from my home pages:

Might save you some time in implementing a scalebar.

Mike Lake
Caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.

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