Extended Elevation, and other questions.

Eric Madelaine madelain at nerim.fr
Wed Jul 14 12:13:53 CEST 2004

Hi Stacho,

 Here is the data off the embut de la Pinee, including whatever cause this wrong extended elevation map.
 I have not included any scan images (except for the ext. elevatin itself) as it would have be over 4 Mo large...

I have corrected some (not all) the "scrap intersects itself" bugs in my maps (its a bit tedious, I cannot do it directly in the map editor, because of the splitline bug...).
I also tried, after our discussion, to produced a large-scale "filled galeries" map, on which I wanted to have only the scal and north arrow, but no other headers... I have the feeling that I need redefine some tex-level macros for that, but th ebook is not very useful, it only specifies layout changes for the atlas. I have browsed through the tex sources, but I have nor been able to identify the layout macro (or the header macro) for Maps.
I tried something like:

layout shadow500
 scale 1 500
 legend off
 map-header 100 100 w
 symbol-hide group all
 symbol-show point entrance
 scale-bar 100 m
 color map-bg 100
 color map-fg 0
export map -o ombre.pdf -layout shadow500

It works, but I'd like:
- to remove all header texts (or eventually keep just a title)
- add something like "show area water", may be in a different color...


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