[therion] Re: feedback on 0.2.18

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Fri Feb 27 17:23:59 CET 2004

>> I tried it without the brackets too: it says 'line mark not a keyword --
>> fsceil1:0 at river'

Congratulations! This is a real BUG :))) Temporary - you can fixed it

join fsceil1:0 farsidewest3:7

behind "survey river" command. I believe, I'll fix this bug over

I have another question.

I saw, that you're using "arrows" to show the gradient of the floor.
Until now we have only "point gradient", that should be used like this.
Probably, you would welcome also "line gradient".

Because in fact "line arrow" serves (from our point of view) for showing
the relation between labels (or sections) to the places in the passage.
And there will be a symbol conflict, if you will use arrows and "point
gradient" for the same thing.

Regards, S.

>>>> > >In the legend 'Topo' is not english - need to be able to change that text.
>>>> > >We have 'surveyed', 'explored' and 'drawn' normally.
>>> >
>>> > Would it be correct to say
>>> > Surveyed: A.B., C.D.
>>> > Drawn: X.Y. ?
>> Yes, or 'Surveyed by:...' 'Drawn by:...' - either is OK
>> Actually I would use Surveyed: <date>, Surveyed by: <people> and
>> Drawn: <date>, Drawn by: <people>
>> Wookey

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