[therion] feedback on 0.2.18

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Fri Feb 27 16:39:39 CET 2004

>> My mulu dataset which worked OK with 0.2.18 gives:
>> therion: warning -- thconfig [7] -- no selected projection data -- plan

We've changed the behaviour of "select" command. If there is

select <some-survey>

only maps from <some-survey> survey are exported. This is very useful if
you have huge datasets. So look for the select command

select evening.soundriver

in your thconfig file. You've selected survey for export, where no maps
are given. You have to change it to "select soundriver", or use another

select elevator at soundriver

or remove all selects at all.

>> search for 'area' finds them in the File Commands box but there is no clue
>> where it is on screen. Highlighting the associated paths would be really
>> good.

You've probably not noticed "Show" button in the area control :)))

>> Finding lines instead of points is tricky - you can click on point, but not
>> line. Especially with big rocks that have a lot of lines, it's hard to know
>> that you have the right line. Highlighting the point at the other end of the
>> line too or something would be good if not the line itself.


>> In the File Commands box there is an underlined entry you can move with the
>> cursor keys and a highlighted entry (the thing currently highlighted on
>> screen) which you can only move with the mouse.
>> WHy do both these things exist? It'd be more useful to be able to move the
>> highlighed entry with the cursor keys, so that you can step through items
>> and _see_ what they refer to.

This behaviour I "can not" change (I was also wondering). This is
because of BWidgets. You have to move "underlined cursor" to desired
position and press "Space". I'll look at it.

>> What is the intended use of Rock-edge and rock border?

>> rock-border is the outer border, rock-edge marks edges inside a large block
>> (is usually omited in smaller blocks)

... and in the new version, if the rock border will be closed-line
 - it will be filled with background color and overlap all items below.
Like this, you'll be able to draw rocks on some area (sand, debris, water) also.

>> Also 'pit' is 'pitch' in UK english - only American's call them pits. Indeed
>> UK and US caving english are quite different, if Therion takes account of
>> translations - that's why survex has en-gb and en-us translations.

OK, I've added it into output en_UK translation (to the legend). It
would be also very easy to add it into input parsing table, but I'm not
sure, whether it makes sense (a lot of equivalents can lead to chaos).
You have to decide (at least, we support centreline/centerline so I
think pitch/pit could be also supported, because pitch is quite
important. But I'm not sure about popcorn (cauliflowercalcite in UIS
signatures :)) or other items like that...

Hope this helps,

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