feedback on 0.2.18

Martin Budaj m.b at
Fri Feb 27 15:37:56 CET 2004

> I debianized and compiled 0.2.200400224 (is there any reason for not just
> calling this 0.2.19?  - this is the 3rd decimal version number so it might
> as well go up with each new version you put out)

Sometimes there is a new version each day -- this is only something like CVS depository with up-to-date sources for developers. Numbered versions should have CHANGES and other documentation updated.

> thbook says -clip <bool> but it's -clip <on/off> like most other options -
> confusing - I tried 0, false before getting it right. Make the docs
> consistent.

Will be fixed

> What is the intended use of Rock-edge and rock border?

rock-border is the outer border, rock-edge marks edges inside a large block
(is usually omited in smaller blocks)

> Can you explain what base-scale actually does and how scale interacts - I
> don't feel I understand properly from reading the thbook. You may have
> answered this from looking at the article...

scale is the output scale. If you specify also base-scale, it has the effect as if you did the following steps:
* print a map in base-scale
* go to a copy shop and say 'I want a copy of this in the scale'
both maps are finally in scale but with different line widths and symbol sizes.

> I still can't get join [id:pt]@survey style to work: I get 'invalid object'
>   join [fsceil1:0]@river [farsidewest3:8]@river. commented out in attached
> .th file.

omit the brackets. Unfortunately therionbook is misleading in this point.

> In the legend 'Topo' is not english - need to be able to change that text.
> We have 'surveyed', 'explored' and 'drawn' normally.

Would it be correct to say
Surveyed: A.B., C.D.
Drawn: X.Y. ?

> Also 'pit' is 'pitch' in UK english - only American's call them pits. Indeed
> UK and US caving english are quite different, if Therion takes account of
> translations - that's why survex has en-gb and en-us translations.

well, it is possible to use en-us and en-uk subtypes, but only for texts in the output files.

> Is there an easy way of splitting lines without re-drawing? Needed for
> various situations, the above being just one example. At the moment I am
> deleting and re-drawing things when I want to split them, which is a pain.

select a point where the line should be splitted; than Line control->Edit line->Split line

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