'subtype' syntax change proposal

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 18:13:50 CEST 2004

+++ Ladislav Bla?ek [04-04-22 17:52 +0200]:

>>> > I do thing that the list of
>>> > linetype/subtypes could be improved. I
>>> > wanted to
>>> > have a 'presumed' <something> where
>>> > 'presumed' wasn't a valid subtype for it.
>>> > This seemed a bit arbitrary - why can I
>>> > have a presumed wall but not a
>>> > presumed rock-edge (Something like that - I
>>> > forget exactly what it was). It
>>> > seems to me that nearly everything could be
>>> > 'presumed' or 'invisible', and
>>> > also perhaps that some subtype should be
>>> > main types. We could usefully
>>> > review the list to see if it still makes
>>> > sense.
>> Presumed = presumed. It means that I presume continuation but I
>> don't know what's the type of continuation. Simply I presume that
>> it is "wall". If you know that it is rock-border, why you need
>> presumed rock-border?

Because I am looking over an edge and I can see one side of a big rock, but
not the other. The passage shape makes me think that this is a rock not a
wall so the part I can see is 'rock border', but the part where it goes out
of sight would be drawn as 'presumed rock border' - ie "- - -" with correct
line thickness.

Or I can see along a passage and one side is wall, the other is a big
boulder. I cannot see beyond so both sides need to be drawn as 'presumed
continuation', but it looks wrong if the rock side suddenly changes line
thickness to be a wall at the point it becomes presumed. (this would be the
case if I followed your suggestion above).

Also what about the situation where the wall is made of blocks - so now it
is 'wall, subtype blocks', but I also want to make it 'presumed' at the point
I cannot see. I don't think we can have two subtypes, but there should be a
way to draw this...(this illustrates what I mean about reviewing walltypes and

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