'subtype' syntax change proposal

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 17:41:15 CEST 2004

+++ Martin Budaj [04-04-21 13:04 +0200]:

>> Topic for discussion: incompatible change of -subtype option for line symbols
>> Working on 2D export and 3D reconstruction we came to incredible obstacles
>> caused by the -subtype syntax: it currently applies to an arbitrary
>> subpath of the line. Proposed new behaviour is to allow only one global
>> -subtype specification for the whole line.
>> Would it cause big troubles to split lines in every point where subtype is
>> changing in your existing data?

I suspect that using xtherion one normally selects whole paths to apply
type/subtype to. I don't think I have any lines which partly have one subtype
and partly not. But so far I actaully have only 2 scraps so it doesn't
matter anyway for me. I suppose I may have 'invisible' as part of a line...

I do thing that the list of linetype/subtypes could be improved. I wanted to
have a 'presumed' <something> where 'presumed' wasn't a valid subtype for it.
This seemed a bit arbitrary - why can I have a presumed wall but not a
presumed rock-edge (Something like that - I forget exactly what it was). It
seems to me that nearly everything could be 'presumed' or 'invisible', and
also perhaps that some subtype should be main types. We could usefully
review the list to see if it still makes sense.

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