[therion] 'subtype' syntax change proposal

Ladislav Bla┼żek lblazek at post.cz
Thu Apr 22 08:46:46 CEST 2004

>> Topic for discussion: incompatible change
>> of -subtype option for line symbols
>> Working on 2D export and 3D reconstruction
>> we came to incredible obstacles
>> caused by the -subtype syntax: it currently
>> applies to an arbitrary
>> subpath of the line. Proposed new behaviour
>> is to allow only one global
>> -subtype specification for the whole line.
>> Would it cause big troubles to split lines
>> in every point where subtype is
>> changing in your existing data?

Hi, I didn't know about this possibility (-subtype for subpath of
line) so I use separate lines for each -subtype. No problem for

Lada Blazek

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