Therion a MacOS X 10.2.3 - working!!!

Stacho Mudrak s.m at
Wed Sep 24 09:33:02 CEST 2003

Hi Gery,

unfortunatelly, I've no access to Mac OS X, but I believe, I can answer at least some of your questions:

1. xtherion does not work from command line. I don't know why :( . As far as I remember, you have to run it with command:

wish xtherion

in xtherion directory (or use complete path of xtherion script name as an argument from whatever directory).

2. BWidget should be installed, if you have installed aqua Tcl/Tk with "Batteries included". You will see, if it will work - it's installed, if not - you have to download it :)


3. We will think seriously about Mac OS X guide, until now, nothing like that exists.

If my suggestions will not work, please let me know. May be also Martin Sluka (he runs it on Mac OS X) can help you.

Regards, S.

> I've been looking for into survex and therion on mac ox x. Unfortunately I have not had much success installing X11 apps without the aid of fink. I have installed and run Therion in terminal but nothing happens when i try to execute xTherion. Is there a special place where i need to put the xtherion directory? Currently there is a xtherion symlink in /usr/bin pointing to ~/downloads/Therion/xtherion/xtherion. Tcl/Tk is also installed but I'm not sure about the Bwidget.
> Is there a guide for us Mac OS X 'nix noobs?
> Thanks!
> Gary

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