[therion] Re: survex to therion data conversion

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Thu Nov 6 11:23:39 CET 2003

>> Yes. Everyone agrees xtherion is fairly horrid and is merely a 'proof of
>> concept' UI. I think stacho picked tcl because he already knew it.

No  :)  The first editor wrote Martin in Delphi/???(I do not remember the name
of Linux clone). But it has not implemented canvas with vector graphics in it
- and this was definitely needed. The only APIs, that has it implemented are
Tcl/Tk and Qt - the second one is not GPL for Win32  :(

>> Most of the people I know who are currently using illustrator rather than
>> therion are doing it because the interface was too slow/horrible in
>> comparison.

Here I disagree. On a computer, where Illustrator works smoothly, also
xtherion must work.

The horribility is other case - a lot of things should work more intuitivly, I
agree, but I do not agree, that drawing maps of complicated caves in
Illustrator is more simple. It's the same with Word/TeX.

For a simple one page letter to some stupid officer, I always use Word. But
when I started to write the first mathematical formula of my diploma thesis
in Word, I was forced (by the lack of time) to switch to LaTeX.

>> The problem is of course that writing good UIs is both hard and tedious -
>> any volunteers  :-)

:))) We have also something like ultimate GUI in mind, but...

>> OK - that's another vote. Unless any of the main authors object violently
>> this seems like the way to go.

If somebody will write the transformation script - I'll do the stuff around...
But I don't thing, that writing such a script will be very easy.


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