Therion 0.2.17

Stacho Mudrak s.m at
Tue Dec 23 09:48:45 CET 2003

>> The only thing stopping me from uploading is that the original source
>> archive contains a 3Mb 'screendump' X image, which I suspect is there
>> accidentally. Is that right? if it's a mistake then I'll remove it from the
>> 'therion-0.2.17.orig.tar.gz' source tarball and build against that.

Yes, it should not be there.

>> And the new bac module seems to be designed to calculate blood alcohol
>> levels after getting pissed - I can't quite see the (direct) relevance to
>> cave drawing of this? What do I use it for?  :-)

It is only an experimental funny Help feature - therefore it's placed in
the Help menu. From my experience, blood alcohol level has quite
important influence on number of errors made, when drawing maps with
xtherion - not very idiot resistant interface  :)

Regards, S.

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