Therion 0.2.17

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Mon Dec 22 17:03:07 CET 2003

+++ Martin Budaj [03-12-04 11:59 +0100]:

>> Good news for all MetaPost fans!
>> Therion 0.2.17 supports ...

OK, Having been too slow to do 0.2.16 due to being on holiday I've
debianised 0.2.17 (it gets easier every time as you guys incorporate most of
my changes - thanx).

The only thing stopping me from uploading is that the original source
archive contains a 3Mb 'screendump' X image, which I suspect is there
accidentally. Is that right? if it's a mistake then I'll remove it from the
'therion-0.2.17.orig.tar.gz' source tarball and build against that.

This tarball should be exactly as released by the authors but it seems a
shame to give them 3Mb of pointless screendump if they don't need it - so
I'm checking with you guys first.

And the new bac module seems to be designed to calculate blood alcohol
levels after getting pissed - I can't quite see the (direct) relevance to
cave drawing of this? What do I use it for?  :-)

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