[Therion] Point altitude/deph, Help !

Xavier Robert xavier.robert at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Thu Mar 14 17:38:31 CET 2019

Hi all, 

I think I have found a trick. The other Xavier led me to the right tracks, thanks a lot ! 

Finally, this is quite simple with the point altitude, and no need to change anything inside the : 
- If we use the point altitude only with the option -align, we get the altitude 
- If we use the point altitude with the options -align and -value [-1004 m] where 1004 is the altitude of the main entrance, we print the depth only for that point (Do not forget the " - " before the altitude of the main entrance), and thus, we do not erase the classic point altitude. 

The only (small) limits are : 

    * If the main entrance changes, we need to manually update ALL the points that print the depth. But that should not be be everyday, and not a big issue to do that. 
    * the symbology of the two points is the same. I will have a look for a way to modify that and let you know if I find a trick (If I copy the code of the point Altitude, and call it p_u_depth(expr pos, R, S, A), it crashes...). 



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