[Therion] 5.4.3 has broken output cs conversions

Bruce Mutton bruce at tomo.co.nz
Fri Mar 8 20:13:54 CET 2019

Thanks Stacho, prompt work.

Therion 5.4.3+eddb4c3 (2019-03-08) compiles and converts the coordinates just fine on a number of my projects.  So I think it is good.


The tex outcsname variable is still broken, whereby the cs code is output rather than the cs name, so I take it this one is still outstanding.




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Hi Bruce,


thanks for finding this serious bug out. It should be fixed in the latest commit. Could you please check, whether it works for you?




On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 at 10:43, Bruce Mutton via Therion <therion at speleo.sk <mailto:therion at speleo.sk> > wrote:

Therion version 5.4.3 and subsequent development versions have broken the functionality whereby coordinates entered with a variety of coordinate systems are converted to a user selected coordinate system for output.

The 5.4.2 output attached is from the last installation file I have that gives a correct output (all coordinates start with 159), and the next one, 5.4.3 and all subsequent versions have coordinates some 1000 km apart.  It makes it a very long cave, but unfortunately two of the entrances are in the middle of the pacific ocean!  The problem is that Therion is assuming that they are all in the  chosen output coordinate system, but it is not performing any conversion.  No errors are reported (although there are mysterious scale related errors in other datasets that could be as a result of this problem).

 I am using these coordinate systems for input; 

cs EPSG:2193  #NZ Transverse Mercator 2000

cs EPSG:27200 #NZ Map Grid 1949

cs lat-long 

and for output in this case I am using;

cs EPSG:2193  #NZ Transverse Mercator 2000


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