[Therion] Add Coordinate data back at last level of Survey Hierarchy?

Bruce Mutton bruce at tomo.co.nz
Wed Nov 14 19:45:21 CET 2018

Not sure I understand you situation properly.  And I have no experience using .3d files as input.

However, in general...

If you have multiple surveys, each with a different (but not arbitrary) coordinate system set, then there should be no problem if you identify the coordinate system in each low level (survey trip) survey.  Each one can be different.  ie cs lat-long in one, cs EPSG:27200 in another, and cs EPSG:2193 in another.  On occasion I specify multiple cs in each input file.

Then you can specify the output coordinate system in the thconfig file.  If more than one is specified in the thconfig, then only the last one is used.   Ie all outputs must share the same cs.

Looking at the wiki and Therion Book, I am not sure that the input side of this problem is well documented.


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I was trying to join a file [with Centreline driven by .3d data (.3d)] to another file [with centreline driven by my electronic surveying data (Elec)].

The .3d file seems to come with it's own coordinate system, so we needed to remove(#) the entrance coordinates, from the Elec data.

I have joined these two surveys in a .th file and successfully got an output. There are two entrances to the system.

So my question is, can I add back coordinate data for one (or more) Entrance(s) at the last level of the survey hierarchy? or will the mismatch between .3d and Elec prevent me from doing this?

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