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Xavier Robert xavier.robert at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Fri Jun 29 00:31:04 CEST 2018

Dear all,

For a quite large project, I am using a relatively high-resolution DEM (i.e. 1 px = 1 m), and I am trying to use it within Therion to produce a .lox-3D file. I am however facing some problems:
If I export the full resolution DEM to a .th file (6540*4307 cells) with the line "grid 325816.2990788577 5106250.599820679 1 1 6540 4307 ». I have the error « therion: error -- dem.th [14] -- line too long ». This line 14 correspond to the first row of the DEM. ASC parameters are « #NCOLS = 6540, NROWS   = 4307, XLLCORNER = 325816.2990788577, YLLCORNER =5106250.599820679, CELLSIZE = 1.0 »
If I export the DEM with a 5 m pixel resolution (1308*861 cells) (with the line "grid 325816.299079 5106250.59982 5.001161440185831 5.001161440185831 1308 861 », I get the same error,
If I export the DEM with a 10 m pixel resolution (654 * 431 cells) (with the line « grid 325816.299079 5106250.59982 9.996519721577727 9.996519721577727 654 431 »), everything compiles OK and the result is quite OK (https://www.groupe-speleo-vulcain.com/wp-content/themes/custom_theme/3d/JB.html ; be patient, it takes time to load), but not with the full resolution.

The process to build each .th DEM is exactly the same, I do not touch any end of line. I edit the .asc DEM with vi to translate it into a .th file.

I thus suspect that there is a size limitation for the DEM in Therion, I imagine a limitation in the number of row/columns of the DEM. 
Is that true ? 
If yes, what is this size limit for DEMs ?
As anyone an idea how to overtake that and use the full resolution DEM ?



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