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there is the command fix in data file. you shoud use it to define coordinates of fixed point. 

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15. 12. 2016 v 13:20, Кунгурская лаборатория-стационар via Therion <therion at speleo.sk>:

> Good afternoon, Therion team.
> My name is Maxim. I work in your Therion program. And I have a question. I have drawn the map in your program. She is created in any coordinates. But I have actual coordinates of points from which there is a map development. And I don't know how to combine actual coordinates with data of the shooting created in the Therion program. Help please. How to combine data of Therion with actual coordinates. Couldn't find the answer to this question anywhere.
> This letter includes an example of data of shooting
> The point R84 has coordinates: X - 10481.661 ; Y - 19219.410 ; Z - 115.967
> How to make the map in actual coordinates? Help please.
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