[Therion] Translation of Therion into simplified Chinese.

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Mon Feb 9 11:43:09 CET 2015

+++ Duncan Collis [2015-02-09 11:33 +0800]:
> Hi,
> I've been assisting with a translation of Therion into Simplified
> Chinese together with Zhang Yuanhai of the Institute of Karst Geology
> in Guilin. I've got a few questions about some of the text 

[ignoring most of it as I don't know the answers]

> therion: \nerror opening therion.log file\n
> What is '\n' ? Some translations have /n instead - is this a mistake
> or are they different?

\n is a (C language representation of a) newline character. /n would be wrong SFAIK.

> therion: Undo %s
> What is '%s' ? Is the space before it important?

%s is the C language representation for 'insert string here', so yes
 the space is importat as it will get converted into "Undo delete
 point" or somesuch (%s gets replaced by "delete point" in this case)

> therion: To set file encoding, type encoding name and press <Change> button
> I can't find a corresponding text for the Change button. Which is it?

Ah you mean that if "Change" is a button in the UI, then it should be translatable text?

> therion: theme basic-symbols
> therion: theme passage-fills
> therion: theme speleothems
> therion: theme equipement
> How are these used?

And if that's english why is "equipement" spelt Frenchly?

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