[Therion] Translation of Therion into simplified Chinese.

Duncan Collis duncan.collis at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 04:33:25 CET 2015


I've been assisting with a translation of Therion into Simplified
Chinese together with Zhang Yuanhai of the Institute of Karst Geology
in Guilin. I've got a few questions about some of the text to
translate, mostly relating to the context in which it will be used. In
some cases I hope you'll just confirm what I already think, but I
would like to be sure. Incidentally, I think that it would assist
future translators of Therion if textx.txt and xtexts.txt contained
comments to clarify the meaning in a few cases. I would be happy to
add comments based on your replies to the questions below, if you just
tell me what format they should be in.



There are a few texts which lack any translations, e.g.
therion: point stalactites
therion: point stalagmites
therion: point pillars
Are translations needed for these?


Some texts end with a period, e.g.
therion: Therion command line options.
therion: Run therion.
therion: PDF file path.
therion: Survey informations.
and several others. What is the significance of this?

therion: OK
Please confirm that this 'OK' indicates normal completion, rather than
inviting confirmation.

therion: \nerror opening therion.log file\n
What is '\n' ? Some translations have /n instead - is this a mistake
or are they different?

therion: Undo %s
What is '%s' ? Is the space before it important?

Some texts seem to be shorthand for something much longer, e.g.
therion: Action button.
en: After clicking this button, you can insert objects by mouse. Click
on action to see menu.
However, it is inconsistent whether translations into other languages
are translations of the therion: text or the much longer en: text.
Which is preferred?

Many texts include a verb ending with -ing, e.g.
therion: zooming
therion: dragging image
therion: moving command
therion: creating endscrap
therion: creating scrap
therion: creating text
therion: creating point
therion: inserting scrap sketch
therion: deleting scrap sketch
therion: inserting image
therion: removing image
therion: moving image
therion: deleting line point
therion: inserting area border
therion: deleting area border
therion: creating area
therion: creating line
therion: inserting line point
therion: moving control point
therion: Opening %s ...
therion: Saving %s ...
therion: Processing line %s ...
Do these appear in the status bar to indicate the an action currently
taking place?

therion: line closing
therion: line opening
therion: line ending
These have a slightly different form - are they used differently from
the other -ing texts?
What is the difference between line closing and line ending?

therion: To set file encoding, type encoding name and press <Change> button
I can't find a corresponding text for the Change button. Which is it?

therion: Save as
therion: Import
Should this text end with '...' ? Some translations do, some don't.
Also, is there any reason for the different symbols used for '.' in
different translations?

therion: theme basic-symbols
therion: theme passage-fills
therion: theme speleothems
therion: theme equipement
How are these used?

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