[Therion] Change to Area - blocks

Torsten Schnitter torsten.schnitter at netcologne.de
Tue Dec 30 11:20:53 CET 2014

Hi all

I have changed the definition from area blocks and inserted a variable
"distance" like in the example "AREA BLOCK + density adjust (distance) Stefan
Oswald" you can find here:

This is working well in the map but there is a little other problem now.
Depending on the "distance" (e.g. I use 1.8) the field in the legend for this
area is empty now.
If I use other numbers I can find a part of a block in the legend symbol or just
one small or ....

Is there any chance to influence the field or let's say the "filling" of this
field independend from the area itself?
Does anyone have this problem as well?
Is there any solution for that?

Thanks for your help,

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