[Therion] therion 5.3.16

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Tue Dec 30 05:16:58 CET 2014

+++ Martin Budaj [2014-12-28 19:56 +0100]:
> Hi all,
> new therion version is available. It's mostly a bug fixing release;
> see below for details. Most of the contributed patches were also
> applied or adapted (thanks, Olly & Wookey).

Initial comments on the release:

1) Makefile and loch/Makefile (at least, maybe more) have been
converted from unix to DOS linefeeds. Thus breaking the patches. Was
that just an accident due to an over-enthusiastic editor? Is it going
to stay like that or can we agree whether the release is
DOS-throughout or unix throughout? (it's now a mix). 

I see that the whitespace patch which fixed up a load of inconsistent
tab/space breakage has also not been applied: therion-5.3.12-whitespace.patch

2) A couple of files are included that should not be:
thbook/etc/contents.tex (that's a generated file, right?)
(this last was also in 5.3.15 so is not a regression)

3) You have indeed included several of the debian patches (much appreciated), 
but the upstream fixes in 20debianise-makefiles.patch have not been included:
(all in 'Makefile')

therion needs to be built before the samples can build:
-samples: $(OUTDIR)/samples.doc/index.tex
+samples: $(OUTDIR)/samples.doc/index.tex therion

windres does not exist on non-windows platforms (maybe macos?)
+ifeq ($(THPLATFORM),WIN32)
 $(OUTDIR)/therion.res: therion.rc
 			windres -i therion.rc -J rc -o $(OUTDIR)/therion.res -O coff

all the thTMPDIRs from the build need cleaning, not just the top one:
+   perl makefile.pl rmdir -q thTMPDIR samples/*/thTMPDIR samples/*/*/thTMPDIR
(that could be a find . -name thTMPDIR instead if you preferred a more general solution)

(I couldn't see this being fixed anywhere else, but maybe it has been?)

other patches not applied. Are there reasons why not?
* 82-nolang-segfault-fix.patch  (this avoids a genuine error case of language not being defined)
* 90load-extensionless-files.patch (fixes bug reported on this list a while back)

* 2 hunks of fix-compiler-warnings.patch was applied, but not the other 19. Any reason?

The remaining patches/hunks are debian-specific

Anyway packaging now updated and 5.3.16-1 uploaded to
experimental. (5.3.15-1 need to stay in unstable until the Debian
Freeze for the upcoming stable release is over, so new versions go in

Feedback welcome, as ever.

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM

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