[Therion] Define constants in files

Bill Gee bgee at campercaver.net
Sat Dec 27 19:59:06 CET 2014

Hi Vasily -

I suspected you might be using some sort of script wrapper around sed.  That 
is certainly an option, though it seems to me a fair bit of work to accomplish 
what should be fairly simple.  One problem I see is that the preprocessor 
would have to run through all files before submitting to therion.  When 
additional files are added to a project, there may be some confusion regarding 
which replacements have already been processed.  

There is also the matter of file portability.  Once someone invents their own 
naming scheme and shell scripts to process the expansion, then those source 
files are not usable on any other Therion system.

Hmmm.....  I wonder how much of this could be done with make?  Food for 

As Vladimir noted, this is a "nice to have" feature request.  I think there 
are other changes that should have higher priority, such as area joins.  
Still, if we never make a request then it will never get on the list of things 
to do.

Regards - Bill Gee

On Sunday, December 28, 2014 01:25:30 Vasily Vl. Suhachev wrote:
> 28.12.2014 00:14, Bill Gee пишет:
> > I am not familiar with this.  Can you provide a few additional details?
> I am using a software build system Rake to make a whole map of cave from
> ~120 survey files.
> The build system get each survey from 'SRC' folder, run some scripts on
> it and save result in '.CL' folder. This scripts transform the contents
> of survey files.
> Therion's thconfig compiles maps from files located in '.CL' (the build
> system is used to run therion compilation too)
> For simple replace %CAVENAME% with real name is possible to use sed unix
> utility. For more complicated cases you may using macro processor (m4
> for example) or write your own script.
> In my case the legacy surveys has data which is not covered by therion
> directly. Then I generated some additional shots by script to utilize it

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