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Wed Dec 3 08:20:05 CET 2014

Mark, I've copied this reply to the Therion Group. You should join the
group to get replies people might make to the group.

My cave converter application can generate LRUD data from splays to enable
you to view a solid model in Survex. But it does not yet read Therion
format data files. So you are probably bsst converting the data to Survex
format in a text editor. You will have to put 'splays' flags around the
splay legs. It might be easiest to group all the splays in one block at the
end of the file so you do not need to cut and paste lots of splays on/off
lines into a text editor.

Once you have the data in Survex format you can read and write it in Survex
format using cave converter with the lrud argument to generate passage data
(i.e. lrud data in the survex file). Note that cave converter does not yet
read pasage data from Survex files. So any existing passage data blocks in
the input survex file are ignored and not output in the output file. But
new passage data is generated from any splays if you specified the lrud
argument on the command line.

On 3 Dec 2014 00:50, "Mark Brown" <cavermark35 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi chaps
> I've got some data that is Therion, which I need to convert into Survex
> (Yes, really, I do!).
> The in cave data has been recorded as a series of splays at each station,
> without doing a set of LRUDs first.
> Presumably if i create a set of LRUDs of zero length for each leg then
> cave converter would convert it to survex and show the splays...  but the
> cubes function wouldn't work...
> I also wouldn't be able to print out plans with widths on ...
> Any suggestions?
> Could you remind me of the user group that you recommended too - should I
> post this there?
> Thanks
> Mark
> PS - loads of interest in the Derbyshire course - I'll be in touch
> separately about that.
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