[Therion] drawing files with unnecessary large extents created by therion/topparser

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Sat Oct 5 05:29:49 CEST 2013

Anyone know what is going on here?

I suspect it is something I am not doing that should be obvious.


This happens sometimes with background image xvi imports from PocketTopo via
Therions converter.

I think it happens always (to varying degrees) with background image xvi
imports created by TopParser.


The th2 file has a drawing area that is set way too large, and the position
of the drawing within the application window is never saved (drawing always
opens with bottom left of drawing area displayed, and then one has to search
for the background image within a very large canvas).


You will need to adjust the path pointing to the attached xvi background


There is something about the drawing extents that is not right.  Not sure if
it is just a gap in my Xtherion knowledge, or if there is something unusual
about how TopParser (and sometimes the therion convert) creates the files.

Can I fix it by manually changing something after the file is created?

Most times this does not happen with Therions converter.






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