[Therion] Therion et al on Win 7 or 8.1

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Wed Dec 4 11:52:32 CET 2013

+++ Footleg [2013-12-04 10:11 +0000]:
>    I should add that I use the Sumatra PDF reader on Windows as it is the
>    only PDF reader I have found on Windows which correctly renders my Therion
>    generated PDFs without locking the file. So I can recompile my projects
>    without needing to close the PDF viewer and the PDF is refreshed in the
>    Sumatra window automatically, making for a much smoother workflow.
>    Footleg

Did you try evince? That solves the Adobe locking problem, and I didn't
see rendering issues, but I've not used it seriously.

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