[Therion] Training Course Guide for Therion from the UK Cave Surveying Group

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Sat Jun 16 00:20:18 CEST 2012

>Already I was unhappy with the way I introduced additional scraps in
>this training guide because it is not a simple case, and jumps in too
>much at the deep end. ...

>So the plan is to split off this guide on starting from actual DistoX
>data to cover the workflow of getting the data from PocketTopo into
>Therion, and write a more general Therion Tutorial starting with some
>more illustrative data and building up from the basics to more
>advanced concepts. The first guide will lead into the second to turn
>the beginner into an expert! 

Footleg, I really like the pace and style of your initial guide.  In a
straight forward way it gets the student to a real map and model in only a
few steps.  For me it is the key point of difference to what we have
already.  So don't make your revision too detailed or too comprehensive in
the introductory lessons. (Subject to live testing on Therion novices of


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