[Therion] Training Course Guide for Therion from the UK Cave Surveying Group

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Thu Jun 14 14:05:22 CEST 2012

Already I was unhappy with the way I introduced additional scraps in
this training guide because it is not a simple case, and jumps in too
much at the deep end. This was constrained by the actual example data
the course was based on. Really I need to generate some more useful
example data to illustrate concepts in a more gentle way. I've not
covered joining scraps for example because my data did not fit well
with that. I've also learned a lot more since writing this guide about
joining scraps along features where the cave changes altitude to give
better joins at pitch boundaries etc.

So the plan is to split off this guide on starting from actual DistoX
data to cover the workflow of getting the data from PocketTopo into
Therion, and write a more general Therion Tutorial starting with some
more illustrative data and building up from the basics to more
advanced concepts. The first guide will lead into the second to turn
the beginner into an expert! I am learning Therion myself along the
way, so at each stage I learn something new I am trying to explain it
in simple terms so that a new user can understand it from my guide,
without needing to ask a load of questions on this mailing list first!
Keep the suggestions coming, and especially any corrections to my
novice understanding of some aspects of Therion. It will make for a
better overall tutorial guide.


On 14 June 2012 06:58, Sluka Martin <martinsluka at me.com> wrote:
>> I would welcome any feedback on the content of the tutorial as it is
>> an on going project to improve the content to cover more features of
>> Therion, and to correct any mistakes in the parts I have written so
>> far.
> Hi,
> one thing more: we use for control of walls and joins or colour map-fg or colour map-bg. One may see all uncorrect joins very easy: check it with your pit sample.
> Martin s.
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