[Therion] Easy toggle for offset maps

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Wed Oct 19 20:14:03 CEST 2011

One of my 'to do' list projects has been to figure out a was of organising
map objects so that it is easy to create map and atlas outputs either with
or without map offsets.  I want to use the same map definitions in both
cases to avoid lots of duplication = lots more room for error.   


Why?  Because multilevel cave maps at say 1:200 to 1:2000 scales are more
useful/legible with offsets, and at say 1:5000 to 1:10000 are more useful
without offsets (eg locality maps with offsets built in are misleading).
Atlas outputs, I have decided, should never have offsets, because the whole
point of a multilevel (multi-chapter?) atlas is to show the passage in it's
true relationship and the offsets seem to scramble the chapter structure (or
I have been doing something wrong).


The strategy I was thinking of was finding a cunning map object structure
that allowed a fairly easy toggle between the two options, but my loose
conclusion is that for a complicated multilayer cave it will usually involve
the commenting and uncomenting of many lines of map definitions, possibly in
a number of locations, and some layout data block changes.  This makes it
difficult if you have not used that particular dataset for a while.


An example of the sort of thing that is required is changing;

  PR-PigletsJiltedPlan at MiddleEarth  [0 100 m] above


  PR-PigletsJiltedPlan at MiddleEarth  # [0 100 m] above


A much simpler concept would be to have a simple layout command like;

 Ignore offsets

that might be valid for both map outputs and atlas outputs.


ie, if 'ignore offsets' is processed anywhere in the thconfig scope, then no
offsets are produced.  If it is not, then the offsets are produced as
defined.   Simple (for the users) - only one character change (#) in one


Is this concept already implemented and I have not managed to find it?

Or if not, could it be implemented (easily)?



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